Ancillary Services
Sonali Bank PLC offers multiple special services with its network of branches throughout the country in addition to its normal banking operations.
  • Gas bills.
  • Electricity bills.
  • Telephone bills.
  • Water/Sewerage bills.
  • Municipal holding Tax.
  • Passport fees, visa fees and Travel tax.
  • Customs & Excise duties.
  • Source tax and VAT.
  • Jakat fund.
  • Hajj deposit.
  • Land development tax.
  • Pension of employees of Government and other Corporate Bodies.
  • Bangladesh Bank employees pension.
  • Army pension.
  • British pension.
  • Students' stipend/scholarship.
  • Govt. & Non-Govt. Teachers' salary.
  • Food procurement bill on behalf of the Govt.
Social Services:
  • Old age allowances.
  • Widows, divorcees and destitute women allowances.
  • Freedom Fighters' allowances.
  • Rehabilitation allowances for acid survival women.
  • Maternal allowances for poor women.
  • Disability allowances.
Sale & Encashment/Purchase:
  • Savings Certificates.
  • ICB Unit Certificates.
  • Prize Bonds.
  • Wage Earner's Development Bonds.
  • US Dollar Premium & Investment Bond.
  • Lottery tickets of different Semi-Govt. and Autonomous Bodies.
  • Sanchaypatra.
  • Public Service Commission's application form.
  • Judicial Service Commission's application form.
  • Exchange of soiled / torn notes.
Misc. Services:
  • Bank a/c information of tax payee client according to demand of NBR.
  • Local Governance Support Project.
  • Enlist of Non Government Insurance company.