Last updated on 16/01/2017
Digitalization status of Sonali Bank PLC
1. Branch Computerization : 1232 inland branches are now computerized.
2. Foreign Remittance : Bank's own in-house software "Remittance Management System" (RMS+), having, among others, the feature of paying foreign remittance instantly over the counter is being implemented at all branches. This web based software provides digital services to the expatriates through its unique advantage of sending confirmation message to the mobile phone of the remitter/beneficiary.
3. ATM : Sonali Bank Limited is a member of Q-Cash Consortium, National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB) and VISA. Customers can enjoy round the clock cash withdrawal facility from 157 own ATM(s) and around 6500+ shared ATM booths across the country. Sonali Bank recently launched Credit Card.

Online and SMS Banking :
At present  1232   branches of Sonali Banks are included in the Online Any Branch Banking (ABB) network.
SMS Banking service is runnig in 1230+ branches.
1232 branches are now in automation network within 1230 branches at home.
Total number of CBS running branch is 1230 and all CBS branches support sms banking
The bank is seriously working on connecting all branches in the Real-time Online Banking network gradually. Branches having ABB facility are also rendering SMS banking services.
RTGS enabled branch no is 1230.