Industrial Finance

Credit Schemes :
Long term loan for setting up new industrial units and BMRE of existing units including working capital finance are extended by Sonali Bank Limited to cottage industries, small-medium-large scale industries and also to self-employed persons with a view to creating employment opportunities, deployment of resources, increasing GDP and over-all industrial development of the country. Currently the following credit schemes are on offer by the bank:
Some of the main Credit Schemes :
  • Industrial Financing for Thrust Sectors.
  • Sonali Bank Industrial Credit Scheme.
  • Special Investment Scheme for Cottage and Small Industries.
  • Financing Large Scale Industries through Banks' Consortium.
  • Financing Software Development and Data Processing.
Designated Branches :About 100 branches including all the corporate and district headquarters branches are designated to handle industrial credit.
Thrust Sectors :
Besides the traditional and oft-trodden sectors, Sonali Bank Limited has also come up with very low rate of interest to finance the following thrust sectors of the economy as identified by the Government:
  • Software development and data processing.
  • Agro-based industries (excepting cold storage for preservation of potatoes).
  • Manufacture of artificial flowers.
  • Frozen foods.
  • Gift items (preferably export oriented).
  • 100% export oriented finished leather goods.
  • 100% export oriented jute goods.
  • Jewelry and Diamond cutting and polishing.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Sericulture and silk industries.
  • Stuffed Toys (preferably export oriented).
  • 100% export oriented textile industry (excepting garments manufacturing industries).
Other Viable Industrial Sectors :
  • Composite textile (woven & knit fabrics).
  • Textile / Acrylic Spinning.
  • Sweater Industry .
  • Garments Accessories & Washing Plant.
  • Denim Fabrics (export oriented).
  • Tourism / Hotel and Resort facilities.
  • Hospital & Clinics.
  • Other Export linkage industries.
  • Power Generating Plant.
  • LPG, CNG Filling & Conversion plant.
  • Pharmaceutical Ind.
  • Plastic Ind.
  • Tannery/Rubber Foot wear.
  • Other highly rewarding appropriate technology based projects.
Interest Rates: