Sonali Bank PLC expertise in International Banking has a record of in-house growth over more than half a century. Its pioneer role in handling foreign trade and foreign exchange transactions ever before independence of the country still remains unchallenged. With wide network of branches at home and also a large number of correspondent banks world-wide it is singularly handling the largest volume of export-import business including home-bound remittances.
Products & Services :
  • Export Credit (Pre-shipment & Post shipment)
  • Facilitating Supplier's Credit
  • LCs (Letters of Credit)
  • Guarantees in Foreign Currency
    - Bid Bond
    - Performance Guarantee
    - Advance Payment Guarantee.
  • Bill Purchasing/Discounting
  • Remittance, collection, purchases & sales of Foreign Currency & Traveller's Cheques.
  • NRAT (Non-Resident Account in Taka)
  • NFCD A/c (Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit)
  • RFCD A/c (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit)
  • Convertible and Non-convertible Taka Account
  • Forward contracts
  • Correspondent Banking Relations
Import Finance :
Sonali Bank PLC supports its customers by providing facilities throughout the import process to ensure smooth running of their business. The facilities are:
a. Import Letter of Credit.
b. Post Import Financing (LIM,LTR etc).
c. Import collection services & Shipping Guarantees.
Export Finance :
Sonali Bank PLC offers extra cover to its customers for whole export process to speed up receipt of proceeds.The facilities are:
a. Export Letters of Credit advising.
b. Pre-shipment Export Financing.
c. Export documents negotiation.
d. Letter of Credit confirmation.
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