Special Small Credit Scheme
Elligibility : 1) Permanent Officers/Staff of the Government/Semi Govt/Autonomous/Semi autonomous/Corporation and the teachers of the Govt/Govt. affiliated College / School / Madrasha / Primary School.
2) Permanent Service holder and he/she has to remain at least 3(three) years length of service.
Loan Limit : Minimum=20,000.00 Maximum=1,00,000.00 taka
Interest rate : 12% Pa(Simple & Changeable).
Period of Loan : Maximum 3(three) years.
Security : 1) Hypothecation of comsumer goods to be purchased.
2) Letter of Guarantee from the employeer.
3) Letter of Lien/Agreement for Lien/Agreement for Pledge of security(whichever is applicable).
Designated Branches : All Branches in Bangladesh of Sonali Bank Limited.